Hey there! My name is Anna Bordner, and I'm so glad you found yourself here today... it's no coincidence. Life is interesting like that.

I am a wife, mother of two beautiful babies that people always think are twins but are actually 14 (!!) months apart, CrossFit junkie, daughter of the King, natural health advocate, and perpetual re-arranger of furniture. Being from Florida, I love to get outside in the sun, enjoy a day on the water, or an easy afternoon in our pool. I thrive with order and organization and plans, but love adventure and joyful spirits.

Keep scrolling to dive a bit deeper into who I am and what I'm doing here. 


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I used to be an engineer...

My journey from corporate ladder-climber to entrepreneur has been one of self love and extreme faith, and I can't help but want to encourage other women in a similar journey. I graduated college after 7 years with a master's degree in Ocean Engineering with a minor in business (which is where my husband, Patrick, and I met), and did the "normal" thing and got a job. Then another one. I met some truly incredible people and developed some ninja Excel skills along the way.

Then I got pregnant. And got pregnant again when my daughter was 4 months old. With the first one, I started digging through all my "stuff" I kept in the house - started looking up what toxins are in what cleaners and self care products, and the benefits of organic foods. But still - I'd do things like make Patrick clean the bathroom with the toxic cleaner, but then take a shower in there... which was still exposing me and the baby to harmful poisons! 

Then, as God's plans are greater than mine, I was invited to an Essential Oils Basics class at a friend's house when I was pregnant with our son.  I left that class with a fresh perspective on what it truly means to be empowered, to what it means to know how to take care of myself and my family using not only non-toxic products and essential oils, but products that actually provide therapeutic benefits!  I realized that what I had been missing, between eating right, exercising, and the occasional visit to my sister the chiropractor, was how I was taking care of myself in between. 

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my mission

My passion now is to educate women and other visionaries on that vital piece of information that I was missing, and how to use their own critical thinking and trusted resources, information, and community to create a high vibe, health-full life. I believe we aren't meant to be pumped full of GMOs, additives, and toxins, and that everyone should have access to this information.

I actually love to work with women who are currently building their own business as an entrepreneur or working in or out of the home - you ARE me and when we link arms, we can empower future generations to come with the natural solutions I so was so desperate for and didn’t even know I needed. A healthy life is a legacy I can get behind!

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Connecting through a shared vision.

I am obsessed with the action takers and the visionaries. Wanna join us?