This class is a recorded online essential oils 101 class paired with my three years of living out an empowered life using essential oils, and 5 years as a CrossFitter. I'll walk you through how I use these oils both inside and outside of the gym, my routines for self care, removing toxins from my home, and even get real about how to use these oils to support emotional health. 

As a work from home mom of two, corporate dropout turned visionary oil-sharer, my tips will be simple + efficient. My goal will be to provide hope for your your health, emotions, and overall wellness as you explore this place of higher awareness of healthcare using essential oils. I'll connect you with the right resources + tools for you to create a home and gym bag with less toxins, more wellness, and higher vibes. Because believe it or not... mindset is HUGE when it comes to improvement + PRs.

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