love + light + a diffuser blend

I believe we all have this inherent desire to feel joy, to be loved, to be connected to our inner dreams and desires. It's sometimes harder for me to feel that connection than other times, but having come back from a few days with the hubs hiking (and maybe a little too much beer and amazing farm to table food) in Asheville, I came back with some clarity on my vision for the month of August! 

In line with this vision and inspired by the lime essential oil I'll get for free this month in my Loyalty Rewards order (check out how to get started with essential oils or more on the Loyalty Rewards Program), I created a diffuser blend and mantra that speak to my heart this month.

Lime is "The Oil of Zest for Life"... and can assist in cleansing the heart of what is no longer serving you, and provide courage and cheer with gentle reminders to remain grateful. Arborvitae... while I didn't technically "create" this diffuser blend as it's certainly been done before, I was drawn to the woodsy smell and its description as "The Oil of Divine Grace." Arborvitae can help you go from feeling the need to control everything (DOES THIS BOOK KNOW ME?!!), to surrendering to the Divine to a point of harmony and peace. This need for things to feel effortless, while releasing the toxic and inviting in light + joy are, apparently, just what my diffuser (and my heart) need this month! 

For the diffuser blend... try two drops of arborvitae + 3 drops of Lime in your fave doTERRA diffuser... and don't forget to let me know how you like the blend! 

Anna Bordner