scratch what you think you know about NWM

In my experience with doTERRA, the face of network marketing doesn't look like fancy cars and creepy facebook messages. It looks like a community of empowered women rising together, seeking out personal development, building a legacy, and servanthood made possible through the doTERRA opportunity. People in doTERRA don't "retire" - they create time freedom where they're free to serve on bigger scales than they could ever imagine. They know their work is never done because literally everyone can benefit from the use of essential oils, and there's a sense of urgency and need to share these oils with people. 

I'll be honest though - I've been a bit taken back by some of the comments I've seen on social media lately. There have been posts seeking for support with specific health concerns, with the caveat at the end, "but don't comment if you're a MLM" or "no MLMs." So the people making these comments... I'm here when you're ready to look this way. We hold space for when you get over the fear of network marketing because of your creepy distant uncle's experience of it in the 90s or because of the stigma you may think you know about the network marketing industry. 

Besides, aren't the people you trust the most your closest friends? So what if what they suggest is part of what they sell - that should mean they can give you their experiences and you can make sure that your purchase aligns with the way you choose to consume products based on the research they send you {organic/sourcing/quality/etc}.

Friends - don't you realize we are all in sales? If you just bought a new dress you love and a friend compliments you on it - aren't you going to tell her how much you love that dress and where you got it? Of course she'll go and get something similar or check out the store - she trusts your opinion.

You share this with her because you genuinely want her to have the same experience as you. And you just sold her something.

When I started stepping into the possibility of staying home with my two babies, the NWM model intrigued me. I understood the value of creating time freedom and so craved it. I dug deep into the opportunity that someone was brave enough to share with me, discussed it with my husband, did the math on the compensation plan (yep), taught my first essential oils 101 class and am so grateful I took this leap of faith. 

3 years later I have a team across the US of over 600 people, a handful of which have decided to partner with me because they see the same potential for growth and opportunity that I did. They see the potential to reach those they care about with natural solutions and are clear enough on their mission to courageously share these oils with their friends and family. 

So for those of you clear on your mission to share your heart and create a business while pursuing your vision - you rock. Keep doing what you're doing because you're making this world a better place. 

For those of you seeking a community of empowered women to grow with and build a business using your strengths - check this out and then email me at with why the doTERRA opportunity is calling your name. We have an on ramp event coming up next week - so the timing is perfect to catch it live! 



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Anna Bordner