Essential Oils IRL Series: Lisa Luther of The Yoga Room

Within our essential oils community, which I dubbed "East and Up" as a reminder to integrate peace and love into everything I do, we have a whole group of women I greatly admire. (east = ocean and Up = Faith, both my happy places)

Some of these women are business owners, a lot are mamas, many are yogis, crossfitters, nutritionists, and some are people I've done life with for a long time. All of them hold a place in my heart, all of them have a desire to become better, do better, know better, and serve bigger. 

I knew it was time to share some of their stories, highlight their strengths, the way these women use essential oils in their life and their biz, and maybe get some insight into how they add value to so many people's lives.

We start today with Lisa Luther of The Yoga Room.  If you've ever taken one of Lisa's classes, then you know how with her words, her hands, and the movement she directs, she creates magic in that yoga room. And if you haven't experienced it for yourself yet - make sure to check out her schedule and get to one of her classes! It turns out Lisa has a similar call to the water and I love how she describes some specific oils that have been with her as she's grown her business over the last couple years. I'm also REALLY excited about the full class she has linked for us down below - completely for free! 


AB: Tell me a little about yourself, where you live, your family?

LL: I am a mama, wife, yoga teacher and massage therapist. My family moved to Florida when I was 8 and except for a few years of travel and brief stops in San Diego and Central America, I've been here ever since. I remember seeing the ocean for the first time when we made that move so many years ago and knew there wasn't any way I'd ever live far away from that calming presence again-totally hooked and massively in love with being anywhere near water!

Luckily my hubby, Dave,  feels the same way:) We are here in Jupiter, FL with our sweet little girls, India (8) and Isla (5) and Auggie our Doggie.


AB: Tell me about when you started using essential oils in your home - what did you initially hire them for? How have you used oils to support that area?

LL: Essential oils came into the picture around the time I started training to be a yoga teacher 5 years ago. I had met a lot of people at the studio who were using them on a regular basis and bringing them into classes to support their students. I had just a little experience at that point using them in spa services as a massage therapist but now with two little ones, I was looking to find a clean environment at home without so many toxic chemicals. I make my own cleaning sprays now for both kitchen, bath and around the house as well as to clean props and mats at the studio. We diffuse instead of using scented candles in both spaces too. Our favorites to mix with include lemon, lavender, bergamot, rosemary, on-guard citrus bliss and purify:)

AB: What is your most-used doTERRA oil or product and why/how do you use it?

The past couple of years I've been expanding our uses for more personal care. I don't drink coffee, so a little bit of peppermint and lemon in my water bottle each day keeps me more alert and ready to deal with morning drop offs and my full teaching schedule. I also love bergamot for its calming properties when I'm feeling a little overwhelmed or stressed out. With school age kids, we deal with tummy aches and fighting off seasonal threats a lot. DigestZen is a must to have in the house to massage onto the belly with a carrier oil (we use coconut) and on-guard goes on the soles of the feet and along the spine to support immune function. We also make melaleuca, lavender and rosemary spray for the hair (Mama's this is an awesome way to help keep buggies away during school outbreaks!)

AB: If you were to give one tip to an oil newbie, what would it be?

LL: Start slow whether its with self-care or cleaning and make sure you have someone you can reach out to for help along the way. I had so many questions and it was helpful to research on my own but also hear others experiences and how they used the oils. Gradually you'll find what works for you:) 

AB: You have a unique perspective of being a yoga instructor and studio owner. How do you use doTERRA's oils and/or products in your practice and at your studio?

LL: Most of our teachers on staff use oils in their teachings including myself. They are a great way to compliment a class and help students feel more relaxed, balanced or spiritually connected. We diffuse oil in our lobby space to give a warm relaxed greeting to students as they enter the space and then use sprays or inhalation techniques in the practice area. Most days you'll find me with a bottle of lavender or Balance blend but I also love frankincense, rosemary, lemon and wild orange. 

AB: I know for me, using essential oils for things like focus, energy, emotional support, and mental clarity helps me to be "better" at what I do as I run my business. Do you find this true for you as well?

 LL: I think its always important to have as many tools as you can in your toolbox to help support optimal health and emotional stability, especially when juggling work and family. Of course my yoga practice is my first go-to;) but having the oils for additional support to help me feel grounded even when things might be somewhat chaotic around me is huge. Bergamot is definitely my favorite for this right now! I love its ability to make me feel both at ease and motivated to move forward with the task in front of me. The aroma now holds a special place for me as it seems the smell alone brings me back to some of the pivotal moments that have shaped my career and business the past few years. 

AB: How can people find you?

LL: You can find me most days in the studio, connect with me thru our Facebook or Instagram accounts, or check out my teaching style with this online class below.

Thank you so much, Lisa, for sharing your ways and your light with us! 

Anna Bordner