Essential Oils IRL: Jessica Bordner from Jessica Bordner Photography

I ended up with the most amazing sister-in-law... She's fun, always down for a glass of wine or a jump in the pool with the kids, an amazing friend, aunt, sis, and photographer. She was also the first person to say YES when I told her how excited I was about doTERRA and the business opportunity. This woman is not only passionate about photography, but has a not-so-little essential oil side hustle you'll learn about in this blog interview as well ;) 

AB: Tell me a little about yourself, where you live, your family?

JB: Hey Hey!!! Im Jess! I grew up right here in sunny south florida, though I stayed close to my roots, I LOVE to travel and pick up anytime I am offered the chance. I live in our first home with my hubby and dog Avery in Tequesta, Florida. Speaking of home, one of my loves is all things decor. I love seeing inspiration for it and when we bought our first home my goal was to create all things on my pinterest board :)

AB: What type of business do you own and what do you love about it?

JB: I am a wedding and lifestyle photography and love what I do! I've been doing it going on 9 years. I love creating images that make people smile but also just meeting so many people and getting to hear their own unique stories whether is a love story or a personal branding story. Capturing people during moments that matter and being able to create those memories into a still image that they will pass down to generations, so cool. 

AB: How have you found time for self care as a business owner? 

JB: It's hard, but you have to do it! Without self care you aren't doing any justice to your passions, business, family or yourself. It's super important, just like any meeting or project, to set aside time for yourself and to have nonnegotiables when it comes to your daily and weekly routines. 

photo: Jessica DeYoung Photography

photo: Jessica DeYoung Photography

AB: Tell me about when you started using essential oils in your home - what did you initially hire them for? How have you used oils to support that area? 

JB: I've actually used essential oils since I was a teenager. My mom had them in our home but I never really new the power of them until, as an adult, I brought them back into my home for my family. I've used them for anything and everything, but knowing the power for your health and wellness already, I was pedal to the metal when it came to incorporating them into our everyday. 

AB: What is your most-used doTERRA oil or product and why/how do you use it?

JB: This is soooo hard. I want to say its a tie between lemon / breathe/ and digestzen. Is that allowed lol? I put a drop of lemon into my water everyday so honestly its my most used but breathe is the JAM! I use it at night if I am feeling stuffy and during the day when I hit up spin. It opens my airways to get through that crazy workout. Digestzen is a little cheat since I actually use the supplement but using any oil to help with the gut is so important.

AB: You have a unique perspective of being a really badass photographer, as well as sharing doTERRA on the side. How do you use doTERRA's oils and/or products in your photography business? 

JB: YESSSS!!! Thanks girl! I use the oils within my business in a few ways. One, my home office! Clients come to my office to talk all things weddings and its great to know they are greeted with a fresh smell that is non toxic and AMAZE. Two- on the job. I travel ALOT so these are my travel tools when it comes to planes trains and automobiles oh and hotels......Also, during a wedding or session. Terrashield is great for those outdoors florida summer shoots and I always have peppermint on me to cool me off and pep me up!

AB: If you were to give one tip to an oil newbie, what would it be?

JB: Research!!! DoTerra is amazing in that there are tons of resources, but take the time to actually use them! There are SO many amazing ways to use oils its insane. The more you know, the more you will use the right oils for you and want to grow your love and use of them.

AB: How can people find you? Do you have any specials/websites/blog posts/insta/fb accounts you want me to link up? 

JB: Yep!!!! Find me for all things oils over on IG: @jbessentials or if you want to see all the photography hustle: @jessicabordnerphoto or

Thank you, Jess for sharing your insight with us!! Definitely follow her along on her insta channels for all the beautiful photo goodness. And P.S. doTERRA loves - Jess also took the photos on the cover of the leadership mag for Ange's Presidential Feature! 

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