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In our family, we love our essential oils. We love them even more, when they are free because #daveramsey #budget #debtfreeby2019

I actually earn commission by authentically sharing what it looks like to use doTERRA oils in our home, and connecting people with the right tools and resources who are ready to uplevel their health and wellness to do the same (which you can find more about here), but this post is going to only be about the Loyalty Rewards Program doTERRA offers to all their customers AND wellness advocates alike, apart from commission.

So, you ask, what exactly is the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)?

The LRP is a free to join, free to leave, monthly customizable order, that gets your health and wellness products shipped straight to your door and “rewards” you for doing so. It is available to everyone who has either a wholesale customer or wellness advocate account in doTERRA and puts you in complete control of the wellness products you bring into your home!

What makes this particular program so special, is it actually rewards you for being healthy when you order monthly.

LRP order.jpg

Here are some specifics:

  • Anytime you spend over 50 "pv" (or point value) in products, you start earning a percentage back to cash in point for point for free product. Note: The PV for oils is equal to the wholesale price of the oil, and the whole list of PV and price can be found here for reference.

  • That percentage starts at 10%, and goes up every 3 months by 5% until after 13 months you're earning 30% back on everything you order- that is in ADDITION to the 25% wholesale discount you're already getting! The points get deposited into your account after the 15th of the month after you placed your order.

  • There's always a free Product of the Month (POM) when you place a 125 pv LRP order before the 15th of the month, for example a Lime, a 5 ml On Guard, or a Melaleuca touch roller (it's different every month). It’s such a fun way to get more free oils!!

  • doTERRA also always offers a different 10% off product each month.

  • Your shipping cost on a LRP order is always reimbursed via points. I always choose the $4 shipping, so I always get $4 deposited back into my account.

  • You are in complete control! Some months you may just want a lemon or a lip balm, and other months you may need to restock your entire cleaning and supplement cabinets.


So you wanna know my not-so-secret way to get all/most of my oils for free? 

I don't even purchase oils on my monthly order. I order my staples that I was purchasing from places other than doTERRA. My Lifelong Vitality supplements, the kids A2Z chewables and kids probiotics, my TerraZyme and Mito2Max and Serenity supps, Verage skincare line, On Guard laundry detergent, hand soap, and cleaner concentrate are all rotated into my monthly order as I run out. For my bathroom I'll order the trio of soap for the hubs, I love the body butter, body wash, shampoo and conditioner, and face mask. Start exploring the On Guard and Personal Care sections of doterra.com and you'll start adding things to your LRP cart - it is pretty easy to fill your cart up quickly! 

The key is: where are you already spending money on wellness items that doTERRA has a version of? I used to get so frustrated not knowing how to spend my money, not fully knowing what was in the green cleaners I was purchasing or in the skin care products I was using. And supplements - forget it - it was too much research with all the different brands! 

So, take that budget you were spending on products at the health food store or Target or wherever, purchase those staple products through doTERRA, and not only watch your points accumulate quickly, but your mind and body will take notice of the extra self care efforts! There are actually some great LRP kits to get some ideas flowing for you:

You'll then cash in those points for free essential oils! So, for example, now when I buy 100 pv worth of products, I'm not only getting my wholesale discount, I'm also now earning 30% + my cost in shipping back, which makes for a total of 34 points every time I order!

So, how do you actually set it up?

login to your account at doterra.com using your ID and password. You'll then select "create a LRP order", choose a date you want it to ship, and start shopping! There are quite a few videos here to walk you through the specifics if you need extra guidance, or this quick one I created below showing you what it looks like in my personal store.

And last, but definitely not least - make sure to select "donate $1 to the Healing Hands Foundation." Watch this video and you'll start to understand the global impact doTERRA has through the Healing Hands Foundation! They are being hands and feet of service all over the world - and I know my donation makes a difference.

Happy shopping! Or, if you’re ready to get started, head to annabordner.com/the-community to learn how to get your first order at a wholesale discount!

Anna Bordner