Reset your rituals

In my Natural Visionaries Facebook Community, I’ve focused a lot this month and last on creating healthy habits. And for good reason! There’s a temporary starter kit doTERRA is offering for a sweet discount this month only, and because of the immense benefits we’ve experienced incorporating these oils and supplements into our lives - a whole group of leaders have come together to present you with the Healthy Habits Program - a 21 Day Ritual Reset. I’m pumped to be able to offer this exclusive program to my community!

HH program - green smoothie in blender purple.png

Something that I thought would be super helpful before we begin and so you can get a bit of a feel for the program (but definitely check out the link above because it’s going to be awesome) is sort of a walk through, or preview of sorts, of my home and how I set myself up for success with my oils and natural tools throughout the day. We’ll be diving so much deeper in the program and giving you tips to be truly successful in resetting our rituals with lasting change using our essential oils, but I couldn’t wait to start giving you some info!

The secret to creating lasting habits and using your oils daily - is to keep them in easy to reach places throughout your home!

There are a few high traffic areas in my house I tend to keep our oils:

  • my phone (I’ll explain)

  • I keep my whole personal stash on my dresser in my bedroom

  • There are a few oils on my night stand

  • In the kitchen

  • In the bathroom

  • On my desk (I work from home, but I’m not diving into this one today but I wanted to mention it…)

My phone

Let’s be real. Your phone is no longer just a phone. In the case of essential oils, your phone is your reference guide, your tool for collaborating in natural health communities, and often the first place we go when we have a question or wanted to feel connected.

So the first thing you should do is create a new folder on your phone for all your natural health related tools.

  • The best essential oil reference apps are Essential Life, Modern Essentials, and doTERRA’s Daily Drop app.

  • You may also want to download Think Dirty (an app where you can scan your skincare and cleaning products to see their toxicity ratings)

  • On Facebook, make sure you have your top oils community group(s) setup so you’re receiving notifications from those that interest you, and even create a shortcut on Facebook so it’s even simpler to get to. Often, these groups have tons of topics that have already been covered, and a quick search in the search bar will yield an overload of info. For example, for the Healthy Habits Program, there is a whole separate Facebook group where we’ll be serving up loads of value! (Note: you’ll have to answer 3 questions to be admitted to verify you’re on our team)

in the bedroom

All right - let’s take a look at my nightstand. I’m going to skip the dresser because it’s literally just where I store all the oils that aren’t in specific places around the house.

On my nightstand, I have a little pineapple dish that holds several oils and a petal diffuser (could this be more efficient, YES but it’s what I currently have AND it’s cute!). In the dish you can usually find lavender touch, a 15 ml bottle of Serenity, a 15 ml bottle of Breathe, and Copaiba (I usually take two drops internally before bed). Serenity and Breathe in the diffuser is my typical go-to diffuser blend at night.

In or on my nightstand is my book of the day, a bottle of Deep Blue Rub, a bottle of Serenity softgels (I take 1-2 softgels at night) and a notebook and some pens.

What you want to ask yourself is - how do I want to feel at night? I want to feel relaxed, at ease, and not have to get up to grab an oil if I wake up in the middle of the night and want to dab a little more Serenity or Lavender on my temples. I also tend to get downloads in the middle of the night or want to highlight or mark in the book I’m reading, so keeping pens handy is a good way to make reading easy! [currently reading: Money Master the Game by Tony Robbins]



The next place I want to take you is my kitchen.

It’s so easy to add a drop of citrus essential oil to my water each day, but it’s also so easy NOT to. Keep yourself accountable! Put a cute dish or oil holder next to your glasses and fill it with your fave citrus oils, such as Lemon, Wild Orange, Grapefruit, and Green Mandarin. doTERRA’s citrus oils are safe to ingest - add a drop or two to your glass or stainless water bottle when you fill it for the benefits of limonene (it’s cleansing and is a beautiful way to support your body throughout the day) and make sure to clean all your produce by filling the sink or a bowl with water and adding a few drops of citrus oil.


And what about your supplements? Are they so obvious in your kitchen that you can’t miss them? That’s the best way to make sure you keep taking them!



What type of routine do you want to create for self care? Is skin care a priority? Is detoxing or stress management a priority?

For me - I don’t have complete trust with my kids choosing and using their own oils yet (they’re 4 and 5 and can’t quite read yet), so I keep the oils in the bathroom to a minimum, especially since we’re currently sharing a bathroom because of the never-ending DIY bathroom remodel.

What I do keep, however, is:

  • my Verage skin care line: for that glow and to combat the FL sunshine I’ve been living in for all these yeras

  • a bottle of yarrow|pom: I add a drop to either the Verage moisturizer or Serum

  • a Jade roller: to roll my face after I apply the serum and moisturizer

  • a bottle of melaleuca to treat any irritating spots on my face,

  • a tube of correct-x which is great for applying before a bandaid,

  • a bottle of Eucalyptus to add a couple drops to the shower floor for a spa-like experience!

If you have your own set of oils already, starting to strategically place them around your house for maximum usage and impact is such a brilliant way to using your oils more often, which in my experience, creates ripple effects in my life.

If you don’t have your own oils yet, there’s a kit I would 100% recommend getting started with this month called the Healthy Habits Kit that if you’re willing and ready, will completely transform the way you do natural health. I’d love to personally help you get started - send me an email at - or if you’re more of the self-starter type, you can order the Healthy Habits Kit here and then email me that you’ll be joining us starting June 10th for the 21 day ritual reset!

I can’t wait to see what momentum + magic you create when you join us!

(Also ps - I created another little gift for you this week, it’s a quick ebook of my 3 of my fave oils I use for emotional support and my personal associated mantras and you can get the link emailed to you here)


Anna Bordner