how to order BOGO doTERRA oils!

Every once in a while, doTERRA spoils us and offers us Buy One, Get One free oils. It’s an epic way to build our own oils health box or stash some away for future teacher/housewarming/baby/wedding/last minute gifts, or even try something you wouldn’t normally try because it’s such a great deal and bundled with an oil you use regularly. You can read about why I chose doTERRA and some background on the sourcing, quality, and uses at

While this isn’t my typical blog post, I want to store this info somewhere going forward and it’s most definitely a FAQ I get, so there are a few insider tips I can offer on the best way to purchase them, and I’m going to outline them here!

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If you don’t have your own account yet:

You may or may know that doTERRA offers a nice, big, 25% discount to those people who are either wholesale customers (open to anyone) or wellness advocates (the same as a wholesale customer but allows you to earn commission through a doTERRA replicated website if people purchase oils through you).

It’s kinda like Costco, where you have an initial membership fee of $35 (or that fee is waived with any starter box of oils - you can find those starter boxes here) , and then you get access to the discount for a year. After a year, if you choose to renew your membership, it’s $25, but you get a free bottle of peppermint so it’s like you’re never paying for it again.

So say it’s a BOGO day, and you’re really excited and want to try these oils out finally - you’d head to the website of the person who has been helping you, add the kit of choice or $35 membership to your cart, and then the BOGO oil. Say it’s buy a peppermint and get a lavender free, simply add the peppermint, and the lavender will show up as you process your order. If I’m your doTERRA guide, then you’d head to this website and select “become a member” and you’ll be guided through purchasing.

While technically, you could purchase the BOGO oils at retail prices, most people choose to add either the membership or a kit because they know they’ll want to order more oils in the near future. After you purchase about 3 oils, your membership pays for itself so it’s totally worth it! Plus, this is the way you can get access to what I’m about to explain below!

If you already have your own account:

What you may not know, is that there’s an even better way to order than simply the wholesale discount you already have, and essentially gives you an extra 10-30% back in addition to your wholesale discount.

The quick version for those of you who know what I’m talking about:

Create a Loyalty Rewards template, or edit the one you have open. Add the BOGO oil to your cart, and if you want to maximize the benefits - make sure your order is over 50 pv! Make sure to select “process now” and you’ll see the free oil added to your cart and a review of the points you’ll be earning! #done. If you are a wellness advocate, make sure you go back in and edit your cart to make it over 100 pv so you don’t miss out on any commissions (or this is why you’d set a second template so you’re not forgetting to change this back).

For those of you who may want a little more explanation:

The Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) aka our amazing monthly wellness boxes is a program from doTERRA that actually rewards us for being healthy.

What it is, is a free to join, free to leave, literally no strings way to order your oils monthly and earn free product by doing so. Each oil or product has a point volume (pv) associated with it, which is 1:1 for most things, so anytime you order over 50 pv you start earning 10% back in points to cash in for free product. After 3 months of ordering over 50 pv, your percent back is increased to 15%, and then increases in that way until after a year, you’re at 30% back.

You’ll also get your shipping back in points every time you purchase, and have access to the free product of the month which gets added to your order when you process a 125 pv LRP order before the 15th.

So let’s look at an example:

It’s month 1, and you decide you want to take advantage of the BOGO. You decide you want to purchase 100 pv worth of products and pay the $3.99 standard shipping in the U.S. So 10%*100 + 4 = 14 points that you’ll see put into your account in the following month!

You can see how this grows as your months ordering grow! I’m now at 30% back, and I always make sure I get the free Product of the Month to maximize freebies, so I always purchase at LEAST 125 pv before the 15th of the month. This means: 30%*125+4 = 41.5 points to cash in for free products. That’s basically a free lavender and peppermint every month!! Or a clary calm, or whatever I’m out of!

I do go a bit deeper in this blog post, so feel free to check that out, too!

So… in conclusion - the best way to order the BOGOs is to already have an account and order it using your wellness box / LRP option.

The second best way is to add your wholesale membership either via the $35 membership, or your kit of choice.

I’m excited to see you reach your health goals! If you want some help getting started and aren’t working with anyone yet - feel free to reach out at!


Anna Bordner