Essential Oils IRL Series: Dr. Alli Manis Parisi of Live Free Chiropractic

The response to the Essential Oils IRL series has been encouraging - I love seeing everyone lifting each other up and learning from each other, so this week we continue with Dr. Alli Manis Parisi, owner of Live Free Chiropractic in Juno Beach, Florida! 

Dr. Alli and I met through a mutual friend, and through common interests like CrossFit, Lululemon, and natural health, we've stayed connected and I love that she was able to participate in this series! I love her heart for serving mamas and babies in our community with chiropractic care in her office, and I have quite a few friends who have benefitted from the work of this woman, so if you're looking for a new chiropractor, she's got your back ;) 


AB: Tell me a little about yourself, where you live, your family?

AMP: I grew up in Palm Beach County and moved back to the Gardens/Jupiter area after graduating chiropractic college in 2010. I then opened my practice, Live Free Chiropractic in Juno Beach and specialize in seeing pregnant women and children. I met my husband, Adam, down here 5 years ago and we now have a 1 year old son named Brody. I love spending time with them, doing crossfit, reading, and trivia/puzzle games.  

AB: Tell me about when you started using essential oils in your home - what did you initially hire them for? How have you used oils to support that area?

AMP: I first started using essential oils in my home a few years ago. I always loved the smell of lavender and would use that at night to help me relax and sleep. I had a starter pack that also included lemon and peppermint and I found that the peppermint helped a lot with digestion. 

AB: What is your most-used doTERRA oil or product and why/how do you use it?

AMP: The doTERRA oil I use the most is probably Balance blend. Originally I just loved the smell of it and would diffuse it on a daily basis but then I started applying it to my temples and wrists and found that it really did help ground me. I use it in the morning when I get to my office to help clear my mind of all the chaos and prepare for the day. 

AB: If you were to give one tip to an oil newbie, what would it be?

AMP: The best tip I could give an oil newbie is start slow. Get the basic oils that have the most benefits and try 1 or 2 each day. I was very overwhelmed when I first started using oils because there were so many choices. I would look in my “medicine” cabinet and not know where to start. For some reason I felt that I had to use all the oils everyday in order to make them worth it. But the truth is that you really only use a handful each day. This will help them last longer and increase the effectiveness of each oil.

AB: You have a unique perspective of being a chiropractor. How do you use doTERRA's oils and/or products in your practice?

AMP: We love having doTERRA oils in our chiropractic practice because it can help with so many different areas of health. I find myself recommending oils to patients on a daily basis, and I only recommend ones that my family actually use at home. For occasional muscle soreness we love the Deep Blue rub- it can help so much! I also love Past Tense, it has this amazing wintergreen smell and tingling which can definitely help with soothing head and neck tension. When we are feeling under the weather we diffuse On Guard, Breathe, and Frankincense. I also loved the milder oils like lemon and wild orange for when my son was a newborn. We see a lot of kids with ear discomfort and feeling the effects of seasonal threats so I always recommend these oils to help support their immune systems and help them feel better. We also use the On Guard soap and disinfectant spray at the office to help prevent spreading more germs. 

If you have a toddler like me, you are probably used to new cuts and scrapes on the reg. The melaleuca oil comes in really handy for that! For my son’s mosquito bites I use a roller bottle of lavender diluted with coconut oil.

As far as emotional and mental health, I love Balance and Serenity. I use Balance in the morning and Serenity at night. I love lavender too but there is something about the Serenity blend that really helps me unwind at the end of the day and really gives me permission to relax (Does a Mom’s brain ever really turn off?). Cheer and Motivate are two of my other favorites to use during the day especially at work. I find they help to clear my head and focus on the person in front of me. 

AB: Where can we find you? 

AMP: You can find me at my office most days - you can find info at, on Facebook, and on Instagram

I'm excited to continue this series with you in this blog format! If you want to be featured, email me at 

Anna Bordner