November BOGOs!

November doTERRA Buy One, Get One Sale!

A simple + cost effective way to grow your oil collection - I have you covered in all the how-tos.


Step one: Open your wholesale account. You’ll want this to get the best prices on the BOGOs and to have access to a 25% discount for the rest of the year. You’ll also get a little welcome package in the mail from me once you do this, which is always fun! Add whatever kit you feel drawn to and the BOGO for the day, or just your membership + the BOGO is a super simple way to get started (there is always the retail option - but trust me, the membership is worth it because you’ll soon want to order every. single. oil ;)

Step two: Join my member community because that’s where I do all the education, giveaways, and loving on my members. I go through each daily BOGO here and you don’t want to miss out!

See you in there!


Anna Bordner