what I'm loving in October

This month for me has been about a renewing of dreams, reinvigorating my soul, and recognizing my limits.

I wanted to share a few things that have been making my life easier this month:

Eyebrow pencils! For the first time ever in my entire existence of eyebrows that are too big, I had to buy an eyebrow pencil this month to fill in a spot that isn’t cooperating. And if you haven’t been to Disha’s Threading on Indiantown Road in Jupiter, try them out, because I don’t know how to control these beasts and going every two weeks is a non-negotiable for me. They also taught me how to use said eyebrow pencil ;)


Purging all the things in my home that are currently not in use or aren’t “bringing me joy.” I’m in total release mode and have been posting things for sale all over the local Facebook moms groups. I then reinvested that money back into my home into the form of a crew of cleaners that are actually over as I type this!


Peppermint essential oil and my Home Essentials Kit - which are the top oils I got 3.5 years ago and am still using the oils in it every single day. During our trip to the Panhandle this past weekend, we used our petal diffuser most of those top oils often. Ant bites? No problem, melaleuca and lavender help soothe. Can’t sleep? Lavender + breathe to the rescue. Respiratory struggles due to all those downed trees being kicked up? Breathe’s gotcha.

One of the things I truly could have used, though, on that wretched 9 hour drive through Florida is the Iris diffuser!! It had arrived on my front porch and was there to greet me as we got home. This car diffuser is so cute and is free with any Home Essentials Kit (if you haven’t gotten started yet) or any 200 pv order if you already have your account! The trio of citrus oils that come {free} with it are Red Mandarin, Clementine, and Kumquat and are all perfect to pair with peppermint on any car ride!

If you want to get started with your own kit this month, check head on over to mydoterra.com/annaevelynb, fill in your info and add the Home Essentials Kit to your cart, and look for a welcome email and some goodies from me once you process it! I can’t wait to welcome you to our community!


Here are some diffuser ideas to get you started:

car blends.jpg

Let me know - what are you crushing on this month of October?!

Anna Bordner