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My [essential oil] Story

No one tells you that when you get pregnant for the first time, life shifts. What you eat, drink, put on your body, and surround yourself with has a greater impact than on just you. My daughter, who is now 4 - was an incredible teacher for me. She taught me to listen to my body, my intuition, and to question the "norm." I'm grateful for my son - I discovered I was pregnant with him when my daughter was 4 months old - and realized that very quickly, I was going to be a mother of 2. My children are the reason I attended my first Essential Oils 101 class; from there, my eyes were opened to the HOPE these little brown bottles brought me. 

I was given the tools to take home that taught me to care for my body that was still healing from my first pregnancy, care for my babies, my husband, my emotional health and my physical health. With my older sister being a chiropractor, I am no stranger to holistic health, but never understood the value of being able to take that self care home with me. I was eating well, I did CrossFit through both pregnancies, and would go visit my sis for an adjustment every couple months - but realized at that EO 101 class, was that essential oils were the missing piece in my lifestyle. I knew that I had to be proactive about removing toxins from our home, and after my first experience with Breathe Respiratory Blend with squished lungs from being pregnant, I knew in my heart that these oils needed to be in my home. 

Wherever you are and whatever your journey is, I'd love the opportunity to discuss with you a natural approach to well-being care and toxin-reduced living with essential oils. As a mama of two, I appreciate the holistic approach to managing my home. By using doTERRA essential oils in my home and in our own health + self care, I'm making sure my family remains happy and healthy, and I'm all about teaching other mamas how to empower themselves to do the same. To truly feel empowered - you must have both information + the necessary tools - this is where my love for essential oils comes in. 

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are concentrated extracts obtained from plants–more specifically from the bark, seeds, flowers or leaves of the plant. What makes essential oils unique for each plant is that they contain the volatile compounds that give rise to the aroma of a plant or flower.

It’s also important to note that these extracts are highly concentrated. It can take thousands of pounds of plant material to produce just one pound of essential oil. Keep in mind that the essential oil of an herb is hundreds of times more concentrated than a dried herb itself. 

a note on quality and why doterra

There are so many reasons I chose doTERRA. With my background in engineering and data being kinda fun to me, I dug deep into the company and its sourcing and quality practices... but more importantly, was that I fell in love with a company I can trust to use on my babies because I only wanted pure, therapeutic grade essential oils - not fake labels and fillers.  

I chose doTERRA because of their commitment to quality. Their standards for testing and the CPTG stamp are unmatched. No other company has a site you can enter the lot number on the bottle and see the test results (, or does this amount of testing whatsoever.

I chose doTERRA because their essential oils are sourced around the globe where they grow abundantly and in their natural environment (that's where the magic lives!). doTERRA's oils are sourced from over 40 different countries, and 2/3 of those countries are considered developing. doTERRA doesn't just go in and take over the land; they work diligently with the farmers and distillers, pay them on time and fairly, and through Co-impact Sourcing and the Healing Hands Foundation, make a huge difference in people's lives in areas where it's needed most. 

I chose doTERRA because of the community. Because the second I walked in that door to my first class as a clueless mama, I was understood, educated, empowered, and felt like I was part of something bigger than myself. 

simple steps to get started

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