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You have a choice…

For me, that choice was continue on the path of #cubiclelife and build someone else’s dream, or decide to rise by lifting others and create a wellness lifestyle I loved and teach others to do the same.

Maybe your choice right now is between organic food or paying the mortgage, between a workout routine or going to work, giving up your current way of living so you can stay home with a new baby because it’ll break your heart to leave a 3 month old at home with someone who isn’t you, doctors bills or learning to use essential oils, or maybe it’s between working yourself into the ground in a job you don’t love and not being able to pay bills.

Whatever your story is… I am here to tell you that you have a choice, and by shining bright and becoming more Y O U, that you can create a business and a life you love. I can tell you from experience: teaching others how essential oils will profoundly impact their life, will profoundly change your life.

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what i do

My strengths are Futuristic, Focus, Achiever, Significance, and Discipline… which basically means that I partner with influencers and visionaries to discover abundant health and vibrant purpose, and we work together to achieve our goals - collectively.

I do this through teaching other people how use and get started with doTERRA essential oils, and teaching others how to each others. doTERRA is a wellness company with the purest essential oils in the world as their core product (here’s why).

I create community and teach people how to use resources to uplevel their health and self care.

I work with people who feel a greater need to serve, because that’s what an influencer is: someone who gives tremendous value to the lives of others.

I believe we each have a beautiful purpose here on earth and connect people with the resources to serve bigger. We are meant to be a light to others and to shine in our strengths as we connect and share what it is that lights us up. For me, I am able to create wellness, time, and financial freedom with doTERRA - and I’ve made it my business to share this with others.

I am a wife, a mother of two, a Gold leader in doTERRA, and a corporate dropout. I love Jesus, cold brew coffee, sunny days on the water with my family, a good glass of Italian red wine, preferably at a brewery on a date night,  laughing with my kids, and exploring new places with my husband.

I have an obsession with achievement and those who take bold action. I see a vision, align myself with my mission, and figure out how to get there by partnering with the right people.

I mostly attract people who already live a natural health lifestyle, and have awakened to realize that essential oils are the obvious next step in upleveling their health and self care.  They realize that by supporting their bodies with nature’s best, they can achieve more than they could on their own.

I am always looking for people who are fun, who are inspiring, who lead a wellness lifestyle and want to guide others to do the same.

Why partner with doterra?

Have you ever worked with a company whose CFO is quoted as wanting to be the company that gets the most people out of debt? Or one who encourages you to use your strengths to create a business that is true to YOU and aligned with your passions? Or a company who sources and distributes the purest, most beautiful essential oils on the planet?

doTERRA actually means “gift of the earth,” which the oils truly are.


doTERRA is the largest and fastest growing essential oil company in the world, with a 68% retention rate which is unheard of in the network marketing industry - the average is 10%. No more building and rebuilding your business each month!

doTERRA has almost 7 million wholesale customers, and less than 10% of them are actually doing the business. When I heard this - I heard opportunity literally screaming at me! Why WOULDN’T one want to make money with doTERRA with those kind of numbers?!


Did you know that doTERRA’s oils go through more testing than any other company? You can actually visit the website and type in the lot number on your bottle, and find the test results (this is what has the entire essential oils industry outside of doTERRA fearful of their future).

I love the way doTERRA’s website talks about co-impact sourcing: “With over 100 essential oils in its product line, doTERRA sources its oils from over 40 countries —more than half of which could be considered developing countries. To ensure that small scale farmers and harvesters in disadvantaged areas are treated ethically, doTERRA has introduced an initiative called Co-Impact Sourcing.

Co-Impact Sourcing is an initiative that seeks to develop long-term, mutually beneficial supplier partnerships while creating sustainable jobs and providing reliable income in underdeveloped areas. doTERRA is committed to the ethical treatment of its suppliers by providing on-time payments at fair prices. Growers and harvesters are encouraged to form cooperative groups to share collective benefits and bargaining power while improving skills and capacity.”

To me - this is so powerful that we source oils where they’re going to have the most beautiful + beneficial properties, while supporting communities around the world. THAT is what makes these oils so powerful - the energy around them is all positive!


doTERRA not only empowers its customers with its bottles of healing essential oils, but through their Healing Hands foundation, provides funding and resources to create community-based, social-impact projects to improve lives in the larger communities where oils are sourced.

One of my favorite videos is this from their work in Haiti with the vetiver farmers…take a few minutes and watch this video. You can find more when you search “doterra co impact sourcing” on youtube.

What if the work you do could impact a family in a remote part of the world, allowing their children to attend school, have the care of a doctor, or put food on the table? With doTERRA… this is what it’s all about.


Community is such a huge part of the doTERRA culture.

I’ve made friends for life with my crossline sisters, the people I’ve met at classes and who are now part of our oils community, and friends of friends who have decided that this business is meant to be and they want IN.

There are people who cheer you on at every rank, every success, and who can help lift you up when you need it.

For being part of my team, you’ll have access to both my East and Up Essential Oils (Customer) community, and East and Up Leaders Community, where you’ll find information and units to get you started in both using and sharing your oils! You’ll also receive rank gifts, a welcome email with an opportunity to book a Wellness Consult, business guidance, and a welcome gift when you join.

The community is waiting for you - and I can’t wait to cheer you on as you create your own!

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One thing I wasn’t expecting when I started building my doTERRA business is the amount of personal growth that has happened. We make it part of our weekly, daily, and monthly routine and know that it is our dedication to becoming a better version of ourselves is what continues to drive us through the ranks.

We have systems called Empowered Success will guide you in learning how to use your oils, how to share them and teach you how to build and launch your business. 
Remember, No one can build your business like you can - I (and the Empowered Success guides) are just here to give you an outline and cheer you on.

There’s also a newer section called Empowered You. This teaches us how to find what our strengths are and use them in our business. How cool is that?!

How to earn commission

The model of your doTERRA biz is simple:

You succeed the more you help others succeed.

  1. Retail commission: You get your own doTERRA retail website to send people {see mine here}. If they purchase retail items through your store - you will earn 25% commission on that sale and it comes to you 1 month later. However, no one likes to buy retail because it doesn’t give them the 25% discount, so you’ll find most people will opt for a Wholesale Membership.

  2. Fast Start bonus: doTERRA will pay you 20% of the Point Value (PV) on products purchased by those who you enroll as a wholesale buyer through you. This is how most people purchase and how you start to grow your team.  You get this check the WEEK after they make their first purchase and for anything they buy in the first 60 days they are enrolled. Oh – and the person that enrolled you? They get 10% of what this new person purchases, and the person that enrolled THEM, gets 5%.   Weekly checks…great stuff! You’ll notice there is always 35% of the PV that gets paid out to those building the business, and not a store.

  3. Power of 3 bonus:  This is a monthly bonus based on the STRUCTURE of your team.  If you and 3 people on your front line are each purchasing 150pv in products monthly…you’ll get a $50 bonus.  If you help each of THOSE 3 get 3 people on THEIR front line purchasing 150pv in products monthly…you’ll get a $250 bonus. And if you help each of THOSE 3 get 3 people on THEIR front line purchasing 150pv in products monthly…you’ll get a $1500 bonus!  

  4. Unilevel Commission: This is a monthly commission that you are paid based on the overall sales of your doTERRA team that month.  The more they buy, and the larger your team grows over time – the more you are paid. This amount at first is small – but it REALLY builds over time.  This is what we refer to as your RESIDUAL INCOME… you get this money EVERY month as long as you maintain a minimum 100PV Loyalty Rewards Order. That means that even if you step away from building a doTERRA business – purchases made by your downline team members will continue to pay you for EVER.

  5. Leadership bonus pools:  doTERRA offers monthly bonuses to those who build larger teams over time and reach the rank of SILVER and above.  One of the bonuses – the Leadership Performance Pool – is 2% of the topline, worldwide sales divided into payments for those who have reached the Silver Rank and above.  It is a GREAT additional bonus and continues to grow in value as the company grows.

You can find more details about this compensation chart and ranks in the Build Guide.

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Ways to share the oils

  • Person-to-person sharing: Meeting for an oils + coffee date, handing out samples at the gym, having your faves in your bag for others to try, mailing samples to friends and family, inviting a person to your home to try them, and so on. This is going to be best if you feel more confident working 1:1 as opposed to presenting to a group.

  • Sharing on a blog or website: This can be something like a banner on your blog or website, a blog post(s), webpage(s) describing the oils or how to use them, or just casually lacing your own personal use throughout your writing, site photos, etc.

  • Sharing through social media: It could be Instagram pictures, or photos, articles, or mentions on social sites like Facebook.

  • Free or paid ONLINE classes: A paid or free online class could be a webinar, e-course, ebook, etc. These are generally created once and redistributed again and again.

  • Free or paid LIVE classes: These can be small in-home classes, public workshops (such as at a library), private classes (for a chiropractor or wellness studio), public demonstrations (health expos etc)

  • Free or paid coaching/consulting: If you’re a health coach or wellness practitioner, you can offer one-on-one support for your clients who are using doTERRA products and create health protocols or coaching regimens based on the oils.


Lavender, Peppermint, Onguard, Digest Zen, Deep Blue, Elevation

Sharing + educating is going to be the ‘lifeblood’ of your biz.  Keep 1-2 sample vials of the top 4-5 favorite and most used oils on you at all times, or the oils you know YOU will talk about the most.  I’d recommend you have oils on the go with you such as in this travel keychain! It’s an adorable little way to keep your wellness high throughout the day too ;)

How to get started

Connect with the person that has been guiding you up until this point.

If that person is me - then let’s get this oil party started through the steps below!

Step  1: Click Here

Step 2:   Choose “Become and Member” and then the Wholesale Customer option - unless you’re wanting to start the business right away then you would choose the Wellness Advocate option. There is no cost difference - and if you start as a customer - you can change to wellness advocate in a couple of months at no charge! The Enroller + Sponsor ID box should already be filled for you. But if not - enter 1832726 in the box and Anna Bordner will appear.

Step 3:  Fill in your personal info

Step 4:  Choose whichever starter kit you’re drawn to and add any additional items at the 25% off price to your cart.  {Here are the Canadian and US kits}  *Note: If you don’t want to begin with one of the starter kits - you can create your own by selecting the Introductory Packet {$35 in the US} and then adding a few items to your cart at the 25% off price. You can view the Product Catalog here.

 Step 5: Finalize your shipping and payment options.  Click “Process Order Now & Continue”

On the final screen it will ask you if you’d like to setup your monthly Loyalty Rewards Order (LRP). This is optional - but for those doing the business - a monthly LRP of at least 100v is required to earn commissions. So you will want to set up your first 100v+ LRP order for next month.  Click Here to to learn more about the LRP.

If you’re excited and just have a few questions before you get started - I’m happy to have a 15 min call with you: CLICK HERE to book a call with me, then CLICK HERE to complete the simple form and I will be in touch.

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