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Essential Oils 101

In this video, you'll learn about my story, what are essential oils, how sourcing affects quality, and how to use the top ten oils (and some of my faves) safely and effectively.

Essential Oils 201

From my friend and mentor, Ange Peters, you'll discover ways beyond the basics to use essential oils and find a training on ways to live the natural health lifestyle. 

Top 10 Oils Guide

A PDF guide book on the uses of the top ten oils. 


101 Uses for Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint

This PDF teaches you practical and useful ways to use these powerful oils in your home and with yourself and your family.


Essential Lifestyle: 40 Ways to use Essential Oils for the Conscious Family

A short guide book I put together to encourage simple, easy ways to use essential oils with your children, husband, and YOURSELF!