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The Community and Getting Started

THE COMMUNITY: It took me years to realize the value of community and inspired action.

Until I got pregnant with my daughter, I relied solely on myself and struggled to get by, both in my health and in my career. Until I realized this journey in doTERRA is truly an opportunity for personal development and epic self care, I took action for the sake of taking action and crossing things off my list, in what I would now consider un-aligned achievement.

Finally... with a deep inhale of Passion inspiring blend essential oil and a swig of my cold brew {coffee}, I am realizing that perfect mediocrity is boring and to truly live out my purpose, messier success is where it's at.

This vision of creating a space intended for people looking to uplevel their health and self care with doTERRA's essential oils has come to fruition, and yet is a work in progress each day.

The best part of of my "job" is seeing the light bulbs turn on for people once they realize they can create a life with better emotional and physical health.

The people who get started with me listen to their bodies and their hearts, and they pair their vision for abundant health + a vibrant purpose with the incredible resources provided to us in order to make informed decisions for themselves and their families.

The people who turn to essential oils are people who take inspired action and seek community, clarity, and connection. Less than 7% of the people choose to partner with me for the business - but in that number alone and with saturation extremely low, the opportunity to grow with a billion dollar company, and be supported in whatever path I chose - I knew that exploring the business side was for me. Whether you want to partner with me to uplevel your health or create a thriving business, this is where you start! (Most people start as a customer, and I actually encourage everyone to start that way!) 

GETTING STARTED: I would love for you to join our growing community of essential oil advocates and empowered individuals! One of the best parts about joining this community is the amazing support that comes with it. 

Once you join doTERRA, you'll receive an email jam packed with the information and resources to get you started using your oils and an invite to our private oils community. I'll contact you for a 30 minute 1:1 call, where I'll show you around some of the amazing resources available to you and get you started falling in love with your essential oils.

SMALL SHIFTS MATTER: Do you know how you want to use your oils? How do you want to hire them in your home? I love planting that vision with what vibrant health can look like, so I have two ways for you to learn the basics. Check out the top ten oils every home needs - there's also a video if you prefer listening over reading! 


Here are the simple steps to a doTERRA wholesale membership (aka get a 25% discount on doTERRA oils for a year - if you choose to renew it after a year, it's $25 and you're gifted a bottle of Peppermint, so essentially you're never paying for access to a wholesale membership again)!

  1. go to
  2. select "become a member"
  3. Select "wholesale customer" (I encourage everyone to start here - even if you are intrigued about becoming a wellness advocate down the road!) 
  4. add the kit you are most drawn to that waives the enrollment fee (my personal favorite is the Home Essentials Kit - which is what I got started with), or the $35 membership fee + whatever oils you'd like a la carte. You can find the whole product guide here.
  5. If you get a kit and want to add more oils, just start typing in the box below your cart and the oil you're looking for will pop up. 
  6. Process and look for a welcome email from me within 24 hours!