Key Residence

When I was younger, I would rearrange my tiny poolside bedroom probably on a weekly basis... my passion for rearranging furniture and making spaces comfortable and pretty has certainly evolved over the years, and I so appreciate my sister, Katie, for asking me to help her furnish her (almost) totally empty house! A chore to some, I'm sure, but to me, I have been decorating this house in my head for years since this is the house we grew up in. She has started a property investment venture, and this house is available for seasonal rentals starting this fall. 

Whenever we rent a place via airbnb, I always appreciate clean surfaces and minimal decor, so we kept it simple with room for a longer renter to enjoy their own finishing touches, if they so desire. 

Note: I am not a photographer! I took all of these on my iPhone 6 so the quality isn't perfect :) 

Their living room - these two white couches were some of the only pieces we re-used from her previous setup in this house. Everything from this pic is either Homegoods or Target (Katie made a comment that we were in Homegoods everyday for over a week - and it was dangerous, really, because we realized they really do get new stuff, like, everyday!). We went for a coastal/modern vibe throughout the house.

The white couch above faces this (future) TV wall. Aren't those stools amazing? My sis found them on a mom's for sale site in our area. 

Master bedroom... those hanging lights are everything to me!! Nightstands are vintage, bed, headboard, rug, lights are all either Target or Homegoods.


One of my fave spots - I love this mirror!! This dresser is another find from a mom's site in our area. I no longer have the time/desire to repaint anything, so I love that we found this dresser for a super reasonable price, and the color is perfect!

This bed was built by Katie's Father-in-Law - isn't it amazing?! 

the gold lamps, end tables, and fuzzy pillows are Homegoods, ikat pillow pottery barn, wicker chair is thrifted, dresser is target. 

What's a Florida rental without a room of white wicker furniture?! I actually love this room! We put some fun brass and turquoise vases on the dresser and of course I didn't take a picture! Black and white pillows and duvet are Ikea, lamps and gray pillow are Target.

This tiny office/pool room is the room I grew up in... sometimes I think I am a superhero for surviving the size of my closet all those years! haha. Honestly though, I loved having that small degree of separation from the rest of the house!

resources are a mix of Homegoods, Target, and Ikea. 

And my favorite room in the house!! It's an awkward, long family room with an offset fireplace (I was standing in front of the fireplace taking this picture for reference). I found this navy pull-out couch at a local thrift store for $90(!!!!) and knew someone had to have it... it was later that day that Katie called me to help her re-do her house #iknewithadtostayinthefamily #therestishistory 

The fun mid century style chair and painting are Homegoods, rug, pillows, lamp, end table, bar, coffee table, lamp, are all Target.


my beautiful sis and owner of Key Tutoring

This mirror has been here since we moved into the house in the 90s... I feel like it just belongs! Everything else in this pic was thrifted.

a fun little entryway - bench from Target, pink pillow thrifted, white pillow from WalMart (of all places), and rack is from Homegoods. 

And the patio! I love how this was kept nice and simple, as it's typically strewn with beach towels, babies crawling around, and wet swimsuits :)

This house has my heart... and I love that I was able to help my sister set it up to be enjoyed by other families! 

Anna Bordner