Essential Oils IRL: Betsy Vedder of Raw Roots Wellness

I am pumped to introduce you to this kind, easy going beautiful mama. I’ve known Betsy since middle school band, where we both played the flute (which I couldn’t tell you a single note now, but she can)! Through social media and a mutual friend, we reconnected a little over a year ago. Betsy is a mama of four and I learn so much from her about being present and genuine connection. I hope you enjoy this mini interview with her!

AB: Tell me a little about yourself, where you live, your family?

BV: Hey wellness warriors! I’m Betsy, I’m a mama, a certified holistic nutritionist, and passionate health advocate. My husband and I are both Florida natives, we’ve traveled a bit, and decided to settle down in South Florida. We love nature, adventure, road trips, homeschool, music, and good food. We have four kids together, Bella (9), Ellie (7), Skye (4), and Liam (1), and they’re the main reasons we became interested in holistic living when we first became parents. There’s a huge shift that happens when you have another life to care for, and you want the best for them. We began our dive into natural health 10 years ago and haven’t looked back. 

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AB: What is your business and how do you enjoy helping people?

BV: You know how there are a lot of people struggling with their health right now? I help people figure out what their personal health and wellness goals are, how they intersect and effect them holistically, and develop strategies to uplevel their wellness through nutrition, essential oils, and lifestyle changes. My business centers on helping people before they struggle with serious health concerns, meeting them in a space where they need help, and being that guide that I had wished I had when I wasn't doing well. Raw Roots Wellness focuses on the aspect of eating more raw foods and using elements of nature that are raw -- and getting back to our roots of using natural plants for wellness and eating more of a traditional diet like our ancestors did. 

AB: Tell me about when you started using essential oils in your home - what did you initially hire them for? 

BV: I originally started using essential oils for teething for my first baby – I knew chamomile and lavender had great soothing properties and I wanted to be able to help her have comfort in a natural way. From there I used them to diffuse to replace candles. When I found doTERRA, I completely overhauled my entire natural medicine cabinet! I have everything I need to tackle issues and support a growing family, for everything from grumpiness to skin issues, immune support to tummy troubles, and even natural cleaning. I have found an incredible wealth of knowledge and value by using doTERRA’s essential oils.

AB: How have essential oils helped you through your own health struggles?

BV: I honestly WISH I had therapeutic essential oils when I first developed ulcerative colitis, which is a bowel disease similar to Crohn's. I hadn't yet been introduced to doTERRA at that time. Essential oils have now dramatically helped recover my health with digestive support, stress support, and cell health support. These aspects are all really important when you're talking about chronic health issues. I think my favorite use that I can really feel a difference in is the aspect of stress support. These oils have been like magic for me for calming and uplifting!

AB: What is your most-used doTERRA oil or product and why/how do you use it?

I always, always use peppermint, it’s definitely my most used oil! I like to swipe it on my forehead in the morning, it’s a great uplifting and energizing oil for me. I usually diffuse it daily as well – it pairs so nicely with so many other oils, especially citrus. My other daily used oils are Balance, On Guard, Frankincense, and Wild Orange – all are so good at supporting the body.

AB: If you were to give one tip to an oil newbie, what would it be?

BV: Don’t be afraid to use your oils every day! I always had this mindset that the oils should sit on the shelf in case I needed them, but using oils every day really helps you experience the maximum benefit from them.  

AB: You are a Premier leader in doTERRA- which is AMAZING! What is your favorite part about being involved with the business side of doTERRA?

I really enjoy connecting people with natural health tools and incorporating essential oils into my business was the best decision I’ve made, and it really opened up so many connections, friendships, and genuine passion for this work. Seeing the oils work for people is such a gratifying experience and I feel so lucky to be able to guide others into their next steps of thriving and reaching a better level of wellness.

AB: Where can we find you on social media?

You can find me on Instagram – I love to share health tips, recipes, mama life, and more

Or Facebook, where I usually share informative articles and my favorite recipes

And on my website, if you want to connect deeper or sign up for my mailing list!

I hope you take a moment and pop on over to follow her on instagram! You’ll love her heart and her beautiful children, and did she mention she homeschools them?!

Anna Bordner